Healing Wounds


June is National PTSD Awareness Month! In the height of a trauma in your life such as the loss of a job, natural disaster, death of a family member, or relocation from war as a military veteran, the after effects of the event can weigh heavily on your mind causing you to run to “fillers” to make the pain  go away.  The ability for a person to realize the need to heal is now is the first step in their process to freedom and alleviation from pain.

When trauma happens in our lives, we can respond to them by:

  • Anger
  • Denial and Avoidance tactics
  • Depression
  • Sleep
  • Rememberance & Honor
  • Self-Harm

No matter what type of method that a person chooses to utilize to make the pain of their trauma go away, the reality is that unless they are able to place that traumatic event within context and understand that life must continue with healing as a priority, they will have a difficult time finding peace.

It’s important to understand that PTSD, which was often known as a “war mental illness” affects approximately 7.8% of American people (who are said will experience PTSD at some point in their lives). There are people that are walking around the streets of your city merely existing because they have an internal pain that is so deep, they are not certain that they can trust another person to help them heal.

Whether by veterans, violence, or abuse, it is possible to develop PTSD. Following the death of both of my parents at 21 years old, I developed PTSD and was unable to express the grief associated with their death. I literally turned inward and refused to deal with the world. After going through a series of non-medicated rounds of therapy, I learned that there is hope and healing. After finding the healing and help that I needed, I opened myself up to understanding the love that God had for me and that I do not have to maintain an orphan mindset.

Since that time, I have committed myself to studying human behavior and assisting people who are dealing with root core pain due to a traumatic event and helping them refrain their perspective. Utilizing a series of sessions (private), we’ll explore what it means to locate your center and re-establish your center. We’ll talk it all out and assist you in accepting your truth while moving forward past the rooms of your personal pain.

This month, I’m offering our Hope for Today behavioral therapy packages to you for only $150 (valued at $250). Why? I am passionate about helping you come to your truth and I’d love the honor of being there when your healing surfaces ( and it will surface!).

With this package, you’ll receive:

    • Grief Foundations Pack & 45 minute initial phone session with me
    • Individual Grief and Loss Assessment
    • 3 bi-weekly group sessions (maximum group is 4 people) or single bi-weekly single sessions
    • Recording of each group meeting to replay shared tips and resources
    • Cease the Struggle Group Workbook Curriculum featuring homework after every session

    Today is a perfect day to begin your healing process. No matter where you have been in life and what has been the issue of your existence, there is a restoration plan for your life. It begins with your healing.

Visit the  Contact US page for more information and inquiries. Talk to you soon!


$0.79 Therapy

$0.79 Therapy: Nurturing Hurt


Many of us are sitting in our rocking chairs rocking hurt back and forth like a newborn. Gazing into our eyes, offering much hope and promise for the future, hurt lends itself to the summary of your pain.

When we nurture hope, we are taking the position that there is no other answer for our situation other than to accept what we have been given and just live life daily – dealing with whatever comes our way. This is not abundant life that Daddy God came to give us.

Your milk is precious gold and it is being expended to keep a method thinking alive that you were never meant to support. Whether church hurt, or he/she hurt, family hurt, work hurt, or environmental hurt; it is time to get a new meaning for the precious life that you have been given.

Change you name from Bonny Hurt to Bonny Free!

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