Happy 1 Year Anniversary danitaogandaga.com!

FLASHBACK (watch this video): 1 Year Ago today and 10,623 subscribers later, I decided to put all my life messes, academic & professional training, & biblical wisdom into practice. Danitaogandaga.com, my website was born. Since then, I have serviced clients with 1 on 1 behavior therapy, booked speaking engagements 2-26 hours away, developed products, etc for the masses to help them heal from trauma & grief. God thank you for the decision to trust!

Expressive Therapy

Speak the Word Only

God can not lie.

He never lost a case.

For the times that we trust the doctor with our symptoms to write a prescription and make us well.

Peter stepping out on one word.

Trusting God takes commitment and the willingness to not quit. God help us to not lose heart and quit.

Whatever it is that you are believing God for, now that Jehovah Jirah is in the mode of restoring what has been lost and reconciling you back to himself!

Keep your faith high! Your dream may not be within the reach of those persons who may be trying to manufacture and get credit for producing your dream, so keep this in mind and keep your faith high! Remember Sarah and Abraham——dried up, old, and beyond childbearing, but God! Sarah laughed and thought is as inconceivable, but God!

This is God’s promise and great love for us!