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Overwhelmed by His Love


From My Family To Yours!

These last few months have already proving challenging in many ways growing our business, ministry, family schedules, product creation, and a worldwide client base, but at the whole of it all, we have learned that the more we take the time to fall into the embrace of Father God and let him love on us, it was there where we found solice and rest from the weary hustle and bustle of life. We wanted to write and encourage you to know that God loves you and he is absolutely concerned with EVERYTHING that concerns you.

I wanted to send you this quick video link and encourage you in your time of worship or reflection to review the clip and let the love of God overwhelm you. This song made me grateful and thankful for each of you for taking the time to purchase our products, pray for us as we travel, and entrust us as contractors over your projects. We want you to know that we keep you in prayer as well that Father God will keep you in the center of his care.

Until next time…….let his love overwhelm you….

Listen to this: https://youtu.be/_nEqtD1yfl0

Darcy, Danita, Talmer-Marie, and Boutou Sudie Ogandaga

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Beauty is…….Donald Ray Solomon

Beauty is.......Donald Ray Solomon

Hi Daddy! Today marks 13 years since you left this Earth. Since your departure, I have grown into a woman tickled now at the passion I now have for organizing the masses and telling everyone about Jesus. You have truely made an indellible mark on my life in such a way that I talk to Darcy and Tally about you often and yet although you are absent from the body, your greatness lives on. When you first left my mourning was complicated. I could not understand why someone with 3 kidney transplants and 55 operations could not bounce back as you always did. I struggled with what life was going to look like after you left but I tell you Daddy…..God has become the greatest GPS ever!

It’s never easy losing someone that you love and I am a proponent of therapy to assist in identifying and walking through the grief progression. In addition journaling has been a major help. With all those special aides, surrendering to God has been a journey and I would not take anything for the development that accompanies it.

I remember asking God, when is mourning finished? This question can be answered in so many different ways but for me it is finished when I can speak about you with no pain. My sadness has turned to joy—the “fillers” that I used to grab onto to numb me to your passing have faded away like a puffed cloud of smoke. When I faced the reality of life without you here on Earth, the tightness in my chest alleviated and I found myself wanting to know who God was for myself rather than the days of being a PK (Preachers Kid- where God was God regardless). smile.

So I hope that you and Mommy are doing well and that you still shouting and preaching the gospel! I want you to know that all is well here! My determined purpose in life is to know Him (God).

Bonakasi Daddy! Bonakasi! I love you!