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What good is love if it can’t be understood? New video on my newest book, Overcoming the Orphan Spirit: Restoration for Self & Society.

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$0.79 Therapy- The Difference Maker

Our own understanding influences what we do! Our purpose must be to obtain understanding through practice! Go ahead! Make a difference!

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My Colored Dream

Broken women, men, and children seeking wholeness. Modest to extreme we’ve all traveled many paths and roads to get to where we are. Now that we are here, mess recycled into messages, pull another up.

I have a dream that the Stripper poles will cease to exist and mothers can tell their children they can make it. I have a dream that welfare mothers will write policies telling the story of paradox to work and or go to school before deciding to break the cycle and entre-preneur themselves. I have a dream that brothers will stop pimping our sisters and sisters will stop shaking that their momma gave them especially when she wanted you to conserve it for your marriage night. A precious gift. I have a dream that victims who can’t shake the mentality will wake up and realize that they gotta get free to fulfill their purpose and accept people for who they are. I have a dream that role models will be enlarged to enclude God’s Generals who preach the word of God rather than the pursuit of a reality-star brand to be renewed based on public opinion. I have a dream that the TV would see to tel-a-vision that was imported via satellite from the land of reality TV. Sometimes I just wanna box up my satellite and return to sender but the viewpoint of they will not dominate my space and I will not become a hermit because of it. I┬áhave a dream that red taped bureacracy will cease to exist and programming and funding will assist the very people for which it was designed to assist and there would be no need for mounds of paperwork to delay or prevent the system from short-circuiting. I have a dream that our emotions will not seek to bound us in chains but security will be in God as the source. I have a dream and I will keep dreaming on a regular walking out the dream called purpose.

Thank you Tyler Perry and